Oracle Trader Discounts For the Early Enthusiasts

Oracle Trader discounts are available for those who are willing to try out the new software and see if they can make a few extra bucks in the foreign exchange market. In this age of forex trading systems, there are news items about Oracle Trader scams and although Oracle Trader reviews have extensively argued against it, it is bound to happen that customers are a bit wary about a package that promises so much. But Oracle Trader bonus will provide the extra incentive for customers to purchase the package and try it out on their own to see if it is really that good.

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Forex markets have a lot of moving variables which means it is quite a tough job for anyone to trade in currencies. Usually forex traders trade on currency pairs which could be dollar and euro, dollar or yen or any other currency pair for that matter. Now if a trader wants to trade in currencies the ideal thing is to buy a currency just before its value goes up or sell it just before its value falls. However, to find out the time when the value is going to fall and to also find out to what extent it will fall is the real tough job. This is where the new software will come in so very handy. In fact, it is a one in all package as it literally does everything that a forex trader does, except that it lets the customers have all the money it made.

The biggest advantage of the product is that it is hooked into news feeds from all over the world. Following every news snippet is extremely important for the forex traders because you can never be sure what will bring about a change in the currencies. If you don’t have access to news then you are already on the back foot as you wouldn’t be able to take a call. Once you have the news you need to analyze and then give it a shot which is also a tough job given that some types of news have unpredictable impact on the markets. So you can never really be sure which way the currency will move. Looking up to the software to give you a buy or a sell signal is not a bad thing to do as the chances for it to assimilate the data and analyze it are always greater enhancing chances of profit.

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What You Need to Know About Oracle Trader Reviews and The Product?

Forex markets are a mystery to some people especially those who are just beginning with it and are trying to find out all the factors that affect the currencies. Forex markets are very volatile and there are a lot of factors, as Oracle Trader reviews point out, that affect the value of the currencies causing them to go up and down. According to Oracle Trader reviews, what the software does is really incredible because it uses its calculating speed and analyzing ability to grab the opportunity especially when it becomes too difficult to assimilate the data, process the data and make decisions based on that data to make profits for you. Oracle Trader reviews, have approved of the different kind of roles that the software plays to help out those who are very new forex trading.

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Oracle trader reviews report that the best part about the software is that it collects data from various news release data feeds. The software collects all these data feeds and then analyzes it. This happens with the help of the database of information it has, patterns, trends and other indicators of what could possibly happen if the news becomes mainstream. Once that call is made by the software, it gives a buy or call signal, so that someone inspecting the software would immediately know how to use the news release feeds to their benefit. The best part according to Oracle Trader Reviews is the fact that the software even places automatic executions or places the orders on your behalf which means that you have a literal money making machine at their disposal.

Forex trading is usually impacted a lot from the external news and socio economic conditions, because the currency of a country is affected by the country’s economic policies along with the prices of gold and oil. Oracle trader reviews pointed out that every single news items could have quite a big impact on where the currencies move. Interestingly, if there is sensational news that could move the currencies quite a bit, Oracle Trader reviews point out that the software helps to exploit it before the difference or the movement in currencies becomes marked and everyone sees the new figures on the market. That small time frame is where according to Oracle Trader reviews, the software shows its best performance which is why it has never had a losing month.

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Dustin Pass Oracle Trader – My Review and Bonus

Note: Don’t Buy Dustin Pass’s Oracle Trader Without the Amazing Bonus below

I was recently contacted by the Oracle Trader team and asked if I was interested in testing their new product before the big launch in August 2010. I have been looking for a good news trading strategy for a long time, so I was quite excited when I read the overview and saw that news trading is what the Oracle Trader system is all about.

Dustin Pass's Oracle Trader

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Now this is not the typical Forex robot or $97 ebook that we are bombarded with so much lately. This is a comprehensive news trading package that consists of advanced signaling software, a live trading room and various other components, so I promptly accepted the invitation and logged into the member’s area to see if Oracle Trader is really as good as they say it is.. At the core of the Oracle Trader product is the signaling software that runs on your desktop combined with the live trade room where Dustin Pass discusses the live trades as they happen. I’m sure you’ve seen all the promotional material by now, so instead of giving you another overview of the product, I’ll tell you a bit more about my experience with this system.

The Oracle Trader program is very well designed and it caters for every aspect of successful news trading. The software running on your desktop processes every news release in real time. Even though you can trade every news event that occurs, the Oracle Trader team only trades and provides triggers for about 20 or so high impact news releases per month (the ones that usually cause a lot of movement in the currencies). The desktop program is automatically populated with the buy and sell triggers for each event as and all you need to do is keep an eye on the calender so you’ll know when the next trading opportunity will take place.

As soon as the news has been released, the software immediately tells you whether you should buy, sell or skip the trade. With news releases it is critical that you get in the market as fast as possible after a report has been released so that you can profit from the sharp moves that usually starts within 30 seconds after such an event. This is the first advantage of the Oracle Trader will literally receive your buy or sell signal 1 second after the news report was released and you’ll be in the market long before other traders. This already gives you a great “edge” over other traders.

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However, this is not the best part of the Oracle Trader package. Using the “Auto Click” component, you can configure the software to automatically place an order in your broker platform based on the triggers supplied by Dustin Pass and the Oracle Trader system. This works with any type of broker. Furthermore, if your broker uses the Metatrader platform you can use supplied Expert Advisor to automatically manage the trade’s stoplosses and profit targets for you. The benefit of all of this is that you can basically automate the whole trading process, so you don’t even have to be in front of the computer when the news release occurs.

Dustin  Pass's Oracle Trader

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Let’s say you are trading the monthly nonfarm payrolls report that is released on the first Friday of every month. You can set up the buy and sell triggers, lot sizes and other paramaters long before the report is released and leave your computer. When the report is released, you will automatically enter the market based on the triggers Dustin Pass provided and by the time you get back from your round of golf your trade could already be closed with 40 pips of profit. This is powerful stuff.

The greatest thing about trading news releases is how quickly things are in and out of the market in minutes and you never have to nurse open trades for hours and hours. The first trade I took with this system was when the UK Retail Sales report was released and I was literally in and out of the market within 2 minutes with a profit of 30 pips. This is why news trading is such an attractive option – you can make a good living trading just 15-20 news releases per month, each requiring only a few minutes of work.

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The live trading room is the final piece that completes that Oracle Trader product. Dustin Pass joins the trading room 15 minutes before each news release and he stays there until the trade is closed. He takes everyone through the trade in a step-by-step fashion and you can watch him set things up in real time or ask questions as he goes along. You can simply watch over his shoulder to see how it’s done or just copy everything he does on your side. It’s a great way to learn and stay in touch with other users of this system. The trading room really gives you that peace of mind that there is a real person behind all of this.

Is the Oracle Trader worth the price tag? To be honest, there’s no doubt that all the tools and services included in this product is already worth a lot, but if you look past all this then what you really get is a news trading strategy tought to you by one of the best news traders in the world. This is no black box signal service that you just follow’ll know exactly why you take each trade (if you care to), so even if you take away all the fancy tools you’ll still be able to trade using this system. Some people just want to follow signals and don’t care about learning to trade themselves, while others want to learn a strategy that they can own and use independently..this product really caters for both.  You can build a full time business around this product, so if this is what you are after then I definitely think that you should seriously consider testing this system, especially if you combine it with my bonus below.

My Exclusive Oracle Trader Bonus

A number of my subscribers have asked if I’m going to offer a bonus on the Oracle Trader product. At first I didn’t plan to do anything special, but then I realized that it would be silly to say no to some affiliate commissions just because other people are offering all sorts of bonuses. The problem is that the Oracle Trader program is so complete, it’s hard to identify any areas where value can be added. So I thought about this long and hard and in the end I came up with what I believe is the best bonus out there. Click on the link below to read more about won’t be disappointed.

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Dustin Pass's Oracle Trader

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Dustin Pass’s Oracle Trader: News Trading Made Easy

Anyone with any experience with Forex trading knows that news releases – particularly economic and financial data released by government agencies or central banks – almost always has a short-term effect on the currency markets. Further, modern global economic and financial interdependence frequently means that news releases from all around the world can frequently cause ripples in the market affecting currencies that are not specifically tied to the country or market behind the given news release. The result is that news trading represents one of the most effective means of Forex trading and many of the world’s most successful traders specifically use news trading as either the core of their strategy or as a major complimenting factor to it. Despite how common news trading is, the fact of the matter is that it takes a considerable amount of time to learn how to do it properly and this is where the Oracle Trading System comes into play.

Unlike many of the “gurus” offering Forex systems online, Dustin Pass – the primary developer of the Oracle Trading System – is a well known and firmly established trader with an easily confirmable track record. A major fund manager, Pass has been news trading for decades and is one of the few news traders that will allow his clients to actively monitor his desktop and trade station as he trades millions of dollars in real time. The Oracle Trade System is something of an enhanced version of his earlier RSS trading feed system that allowed clients a constant feed of relevant news and would also execute primary trades based on this data automatically. Despite this functionality, the Oracle Trading System is not an “Expert Advisor” (EA) trading bot; but a functional subscription service which means it can be (and is) constantly revised to take advantage of prevailing market conditions.

The core strategy is also a bit different than many news trading systems as well. Most news trading system offered focus primarily on information gathering: identifying secondary and uncommon news sources and using them to anticipate the results of news releases before they are issued. While this technique certainly works, the Oracle Trading System is somewhat different in that it determines trades by taking advantage of the deviation between the estimates made by analysts before the news release and the actual figures given in the release. This method means that timing is all important and the Oracle Trading System addresses this by handling a lot of the mechanics itself. Further, as a subscriber service, Oracle also gives its subscribers direct access to Dustin Pass via the system’s online trading room, the “Profit Center.”

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Dustin Pass Oracle Trader: Trading Based on News Releases

News trading – or trading based on the release of new data that is likely to have a direct impact on the relevant market – is a fairly common practice in many different financial markets and plays a key role in short-term commodities trading, including foreign currency trading (Forex). In most markets, the relevant news is based in one country and comes from one central authority, meaning that the entire market knows precisely when an announcement is to be made and knows precisely where to find it. However, Forex news trading is considerably more complex since it relies not only on news being released – in diverse languages at that – from around the world but also around the clock. Unlike most commodities markets that have set trading hours, the Forex market is open twenty-four hours a day, five days a week so news releases at awkward times from the other side of the globe and in a foreign language can play a major role in Forex trading.

Generally speaking, the most common types of news that has a direct short-term effect on the market is periodic statistical data released by governments and central banks. This data frequently includes things like industrial production or manufacturing data, financial data (like interest rate decisions, inflation reports, or trade balances) and domestic economic data (like unemployment figures or consumer confidence information). Further, many of the more complex news traders will also use smaller, more obscure “feeder” sources, like provincial reports and even information obtained from local and regional public news sources to help them anticipate the results of larger national level reports and news. Most news traders focus on news releases directly connected to the currency pairs that they trade – for example, someone trading USD/GBP might emphasize U.S. and British news releases and information – but news from relevant third parties can also play a role as well. With the current level of global economic interdependence, a report about a third country might end up presenting the savvy trader with a better idea about how a particular currency will move.

Like any sort of short-term trading strategy, most Forex news trading is specifically designed to help the trader make a few pips and then move on to the next trade. However, news traders – and especially ones that stay committed to particular currency pairs for a long time – are also able to recognize longer-term trends and identify particular indicators that they can use for longer term investment strategies as well as short-term trading. Many of the market’s most successful traders are news traders and if one stays focused on the same basic currency pairs after a while one is bound to become an expert on how the currencies behave against one another, giving the news trader a competitive advantage in that particular market niche.

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Welcome to Dustin Pass Dot Com

This blog will contain a review of Dustin Pass’s Oracle Trader program.

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